Driver Injection

Let’s take a short trip back in time, shall we?  A few years ago, a certain large software maker in the great state of Washington shipped an operating system we’ll lovingly call CrapOS 1.0.  This OS was much anticipated by the masses as it had been in development for upwards of four years.  It is […]

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Xooming to Nowhere

Last time I talked about my evaluation of the RIM Playbook tablet (actually, I intended to write about both the Playbook and the Android-based Motorola Xoom, but I never got that far…), which you may recall I found somewhat loathsome.  Today I want to focus on the more promising of these two devices – the […]

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Model Binding and Me

Disclaimer This has nothing to do with tying-up anorexic runway models, so if you came here looking for photos of young women in handcuffs, you’re in the wrong place.  No, today I want to talk about one of my favorite features of the ASP.Net MVC web framework:  Model Binding, and how – even with all […]

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Linq ain’t all that distinct…

I came across an interesting programming challenge yesterday that I thought I should share.  I’m working on a relatively simple ASP.Net MVC 3 web application which has an integrated “search” feature.  Since I’m using Entity Framework 4 as my ORM, I’ve been writing a lot of Linq queries.  The query I am using that caused […]

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