Tabula Rasa

I’ve never been a “car-of-my-dreams” kind of guy.  I don’t spend much time ruminating on whether I’ll ever be able to afford the Mustang I’ve always wanted.  Just not me.  But I have long searched for The Right Desk, and my search was largely fruitless.  I suffer from The Disease of the Right-Minded, otherwise known as:

Or…left-handed.  The ninety percent of the population that is right-handed – including my parents, my wife and my three daughters – will never understand how fucked up an existence Right-Minded People – these unsung, suffering saints! – must endure.  Just look at this snapshot of Barak Obama signing a piece of legislation:

The most powerful man in the world writes like a struggling kindergartner.  I know you don’t care, you right-handed bigots, but I completely sympathize.  I’ve sat through countless lectures in my many, many years of school, horribly contorted like an ape trying to make a fire, as I took notes in one of these torture chambers.  So….yeah. I’ve always wanted a lefty-friendly desk with tons of real estate for my many, many monitors, devices and projects…and now I have one!

I’ve mentioned the great work Creative Carpentry has done for us in the past…well, they’re still at it!  The video below is of the new desk they just completed in my home office:

Which means I can pull the curtains, turn off the lights and continue with my plan to take over the world…


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